Pole position and podium for Balthasar at the Nurburgring

After losing the pole position in Spa-Francorchamps by just a tenth, Balthasar these time was able to set the fastest lap in qualifying with a gap of 4,5 tenth.
In the first race, Balthasars teammate Morris had a solid start and stayed in 6th place. After two rivals clashed in the following laps, Morris was able to move up to 4th place. In the Inlap, however, he unfortunately lost both positions again and the gap to them even increased to several seconds due to a poor inlap. Especially In his final laps in particular, Morris struggled with the brakes, as the pedal position became really uncom-fortable for him over the longer distance and he started to feel pain. Balthasar took over the car from 6th place. His stint went quite good, as he was among the fastest car on the track and caught up massively on the Pijl, Gilardoni and Oosten. However, at this point in time the gap to the front was already too big for a possible podium. At the time of the stop ,the gap to P1 was already 30 seconds, Balthasar was able to shorten this at least to 23 seconds in his stint.
In race two Balthasar was able to slow down the field quite good in the last corner before put down an impressive start from pole position and take a 2-3 car-length lead into T1.
After a domiant stint, Balthasar was able to extend his lead up to 6-7 seconds and hand over the car to Morris. During the pit stop, Morris had a misunderstanding with the engineer, so that he lost 1,5 sec. After Morris was able to keep the lead of the race, he was unfortunately overtaken on the last lap and we lost our victory. In the end it was just second place.